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Team building workshop

This is also Astrid Vredegoor.

Astrid Vredegoor has been active for the business community for many years, for whom she gives team building and motivation workshops.

These can be given in her own studio Astrid Vredegoor in Lichtenvoorde and concluded there with a drink or gas barbecue, but this is also possible on location or in your company.

On the basis of joint work on art, the participant is ultimately held up to a surprising mirror. Contact us for a suitable quote and references.

Minimum duration 2 hours


References include:

  • Slingeland Ziekenhuis, Doetichem. Afd. Eerste hulp.
  • Beatrix Ziekenhuis, Winterswijk. Afd. Gyneacologie.
  • Gemeente Winterswijk.  
  • Politie academie, Apeldoorn.
  • Directie en docenten diverse scholen.
  • Directie en medewerkers diverse bedrijven.